Kaitlyn Ferris is based out of Long Island, NY and simply fueled by the sun and F/1.4. She received her associates degree in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. 

        I've loved portraits for a long time and it just worked out in my incredible favor that it turned into my job. I am a fine art photographer- weddings just sort of found me along this journey and I embraced the opportunity with open arms! I am obsessed with golden hour and natural lighting. My work is organic, raw and full of love and light. I don't aim for perfectly exposed photos- I love back lighting and hair light, sun flares and great depth of field. I love to guide my clients so that the posed photos are actually candids at the same time. I laugh A LOT and say the word perfect way too much during photo sessions. 

     I was told by someone special that the journey is the best part. That when you get to the place you thought you wanted to reach, you will wish that you were back where you started. Right now I'm on that journey, and I don't really of expectations of where it is supposed to take me. Having my own photography business still feels sort of surreal, and I don't know if I'll ever stop making jokes about being in "the office." I'm incredibly thankful for everyone who has helped me get this far, and for everyone who will continue to let me into their worlds to create art for them!

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