Kaitlyn Ferris is a photographer based out of Long Island, New York. She received her associates degree in photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2013. After winning dozens of awards and recognitions across the Island through out high school and college for her art work, Kaitlyn began to pursue her career running her own free lance business following her graduation of college.

        I've loved portraits for a long time and it just worked out in my incredible favor that it turned into my job. I am a fine art photographer whose work is fueled by the sun. Weddings just sort of found me along this journey and I embraced the opportunity with open arms! This year I celebrated my fourth year shooting weddings, what an awesome time it has been. I am obsessed with golden hour and all the magic it brings to my photographs. My work is organic, raw and full of love and natural light. I don't aim for perfectly exposed photos- I love back lighting and hair light, sun flares and great depth of field. I love to guide my clients so that the posed photos are actually candids at the same time. I laugh A LOT and say the word perfect way too much during photo sessions. I've recently fallen in love with yoga (shooting it and practicing it!!) and it's where a lot of my inspiration brews. I have an incredible guy in my life who tolerates occasional tripod photoshoots- I guess that comes with dating a photographer, right? I do believe being in love helps in me capturing it, too!

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