Kaitlyn Ferris is a Long Island based photographer who is simply fueled by the sun and f/1.4. She received her associates degree in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology and continues to allow not only her business, but her creativity to grow day by day.


I am a really happy girl who smiles way too much even if everything around me is falling apart. I am obsessed with golden hour, so it is almost definite that I will suggest that as the best time for your photo session. I think one of the happiest moments in my life was the day I got my 85mm f/1.4 lens- really, I couldn't stop smiling the WHOLE way from the mail box until maybe a week after I got it. One day I just sort of woke up and was a a wedding photographer, it definitely was not something I planned. I love all of the wonderful couples I am meeting along the way. What I love to shoot the most is yoga! I am so incredibly inspired by it. I am a huge photoshop nerd and my hearts stolen by anyone who will talk f/stops and photoshop techniques with me. But really- my boyfriend, Kevin, asked to borrow my developing tank in the dark room once when we first met, it's been fate ever since… (well, I mean that did happen but I guess it isn't really our love story..) 

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