Kaitlyn Ferris is a Long Island based photographer who is simply fueled by the sun and f/1.4. She received her associates degree in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology and continues to allow not only her business, but her creativity to grow day by day.


a little about me through the things that I love:

GOLDEN HOUR (I am truly obsessed), my 85mm f/f1.4 lens, my weightless series, photographing yoga is my absolute favorite, photoshop, succulents, geodes / gems / minerals / crystals / amethyst / etc., gold anything, earth tones, laughing always, converses, good music, open fields, rustic anything, my incredibly talented best friend, HEADSTANDS everywhere, skydiving (well, I only went once but it deserves to be here for how incredible it was), farms, adorable barns and having my heart filled to the brim by the sweetest guy I know.

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