I am a huge lover of life and the most simple things it has to offer. I'm obsessed with golden hour and love the magic it brings to my images. My work is organic, raw, bright and full of love. I am constantly laughing and never taking myself too seriously. Get ready for me to say perfect WAY too much during photo sessions (no really, I need to crack open my thesaurus) and use a way too many exclamation points in my emails. I'm super enthusiastic about anything i'm interested in (even if it's the slightest bit) and love to dream up ideas and make your visions come true. I promise to guide you so that the posed photos are actually candid and to capture all the magic that is happening when you are too busy feeling to see it. I put way too much time in to packaging everything that I mail to my couples/families that I work with- going to the post office on a week day is my favorite treat after hours spent editing. Little details are really important to me, and so is pouring myself into everything that I do. I have an incredible guy in my life who tolerates occasional tripod photoshoots- I guess that comes with dating a photographer, right? I do believe being in love helps in me capturing it, too! Let's talk, I'd love to meet you!

So, my love affair with portraits began about ten years ago and weddings just sort of found me along this journey and I've embraced the opportunity with open arms! I am going on my fifth year shooting weddings and it's been a dream! Because I feel obligated to squish in the boring details somewhere, let me get this off my chest from the start: I received my associates degree in photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was a really awesome experience that I'll forever be grateful for. After two years (plus a semester, is it even possible to get all your credits in the correct amount of time, ever?) I decided to dive into this business head first. Years later, I am still proud of this choice!

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